Shamanic Drum Birthing & Soul Nourishing Day Retreat

(By Private Invitation Only)
Saturday, October 13, 2018 10:15am – 6:30pm (confirmed)
(Minimum attendees 8, max 11, per date.) 

Embark on a short pilgrimage to nourish your body, mind and soul and create your own drum.   Shama and Mia will guide you through a day filled with healing, love and nurturing of your spirit, and a channeling of your hearts through your hands, connecting to our ancestors and our Earth Mother. Be held in a container of safe and loving support deep connection in community to:

  • Build and birth your own drum
  • Release stagnant energy and emotions
  • Balance your vibrational and energetic body
  • Experience healing through shamanic and spiritual practices

Mia will be guiding us in creating the drums and offers teachings of the drum that her Ojibwe Elders verbally passed down to her.

The sacred drums she assists in birthing, carry your own rhythms and vibrations as well as those of Pachamama (Earth Mother), and by playing them you’ll connect to her heartbeat.

To make them, we only use carefully selected natural, raw or recycled materials with respect and reverence for the animals and trees provided by the creator.  Mia personally cuts all drum-heads and lacing by hand, always from the same animal hide as to not have opposing energies/personalities in the drum.  All frames are handmade using only salvaged Yellow Cedar wood.

You will learn some basic shamanic traditions and rituals and as a final passage, Mia drums over each newly born drum to pass on the vibration of the lineage of drums from the Ojibwe that has been passed down to each new drum for generations.

These drums are made to last for generations.  If well taken care of and respected for what they are, the next seven generations will be beating to the heartbeat of the Earth on the drum you created and brought into being.  Imagine the power of that!

There will be a nourishing lunch served and a beautiful outdoor patio for your break (weather permitting).   You are welcome to bring your sacred items to place on the altar.

We will be seated on hardwood the floor, so please bring a cushion or matt if you desire extra support or would like to use it to lay down for journeying.

The retreat will take place at Shama’s Sanctuary, (provided to registered guests) a 5 block walk off the Staten Island Ferry, a relaxing 30 min boat ride over NYC harbor from downtown Manhattan.

We will be making your choice of a 14″, 16″ or 18″ round elk-hide drum with cedar frame and a mallet.

Register for the drum size you would like below.

There are 3 drum options for you to choose from:

14″ Drum $328
16″ Drum $358
18″ Drum $388
Installment Payment plan is available before September 15th

Payment in Full:

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4 Weekly Installments:

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